Monday, April 18, 2011


As a writer I have been the recipient of numerous rejection letters. Stephen King has his spike. I keep mine in a folder marked 'R E J E C T'. It spurs me on whenever I take them out to read again.

You see, sometimes I fall victim to complacency. I am a person after all. There are long periods of inactivity on the creation front. I still carry a pen but feel like a fraud in doing so. There are no words spilling ftom the point to the pages I shove in my pocket every morning. I mourn the loss of thought.

Other days, I open that file folder and read thru all those rejections. Slowly, a stoic resolve within me builds. They have no idea what they're missing. I'll show them.

The pen flies to my hand

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Rachel Fenton said...

Love this post - so honest and true.

You commented on a poem of mine a whole year ago (in Writer's Eye Magazine), and I never got around to thanking you - so thank you - apologies for it having taken me so long. I do get there eventually though, as you will with your writing. Best of luck.